The Genius Ball


GENiUS BALL is a smart ball with embedded advanced chip-set technology that captures performance data including ball velocity, spin rate, spin angle, trajectory, GPS location, distance to the tee, and more. The information is delivered to the player’s mobile phone and a back-end portal for insights and understanding of their game performance.

With the Genius Ball, players will know the distance between their ball and the middle of the green (as well as left, right, front and center) while on the tee box or anywhere else on the course.  If that’s not enough, players will be able to track and view their ball flight characteristics with historical overlay and using the mobile app will also provide a player’s history on every course. With the use of a Bluetooth 4.1 connection, the Genius Ball will pair with a user’s mobile phone (iOS, Droid,) through a small device that’s about the size of a pager and can be placed in or on a player’s bag, cart, pocket or belt. In other words, the phone doesn’t have to stay in the pocket – simply within the range of the Bluetooth connection. 

Multiple Genius Balls can be connected at the same time too, ensuring that there’s no need to sync during a round or worry about hitting multiple balls off a particular tee. In fact, a golfer and his three buddies out for a round could all play with Genius Balls connected to the same phone.


There has been a lot of media attention regarding the soon to be released GENiUS ball.  These amazing golf balls will be on allocation when introduced and you will want to be on the top of the list to have them in your shop when they are released.

To have access to them you must be an OnCore authorized pro shop by

To be authorized a Pro Shop has to be selling OnCore golf balls at a minimum of 24 dozen per month by October 2018.




Golfers can play their favorite courses with a GENiUS BALL and, using the vGolf AR glasses, see a visual trace of their golf ball’s flight path in real time for every shot, combined with a head’s up display readout of their performance data.

OnCore Golf Technology, Inc., a Buffalo, New York-based leading innovator in golf ball technologies, announces  a partnership with Omaha-based vGolf, LLC.

Each shot is recorded along with course and hole details and uploaded to a cloud-based server for review later on a tablet or PC or even “replayed” using a 3D graphic that can also be generated at home with the vGolf AR glasses. The Virtual Caddy is intended to become a personal golf assistant which can be used on any golf course.

By combining the two technologies, the company’s believe they can create an entirely new golf experience that they’re launching this year under the trade name The Virtual Caddy™.